Aerial Manx

One of the most dangerous and terrifying finales of a street show we could find. Daring, bold and not for the squeamish.

Aerial Manx has circled the globe with his breathtaking performances. As the only Acrobatic, Sword Swallowing Contortionist he is a true pioneer of what the mind and body can achieve, a genuine master in the making! He has been awarded Guinness World Records for his incredible stunts including performing multiple back flips whilst swallowing a sword, the fastest human backbend walk and the heaviest weight to be dangled from a swallowed sword. He was also the first person to swallow two neon lights at the same time, to juggle a chainsaw while swallowing a sword and is credited as being the pioneer of the field of sword swallowing acrobatics.

His powerful act is not to be missed. Be warned though, it is not for the faint of heart!

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