Basketball Jones Show

Juggling, humour and high unicycles, this kiwi street performer returns to New Zealand after travelling the world and making a name for himself.

Born in Wellington of New Zealand at a very young age.  Jones began dribbling even before he could walk.  He played basketball at Kena Kena primary school, Paraparaumu college and Massey university.  After falling in with the wrong crowd he enrolled in the CircoArts course at Christchurch Polytechnic.   There his passion for basketball and circus arts hatched an unhealthy obsession with balls and comedy. 


When Jones first tried to be a street performer it was too hard so he accepted a job at the Whirling Brothers Circus performing his unicycle slack-rope act.  He ran away from that circus to follow his dreams and travel the world as a street performer eleven years ago.


Today his show features intense skills, dribbling, spinning and juggling up to five basketballs, audience interaction and the most dangerous basketball trick in the world.  Great balls of fire atop a ten foot tall unicycle!  All delivered with laid-back ‘kiwi’ charm and a great sense of fun. Basketball Jones has delighted audiences of most ages in over twenty countries around the globe.  Catch him if you can!

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