DJ Phone Home

9:30pm @ Sixty Six on Peterborough

The producers of Hot Dub Time Machine and DJ Andrew McClelland are bringing you the biggest party to hit the Buskers Festival in 2017 – DJ PHONE HOME!

Everybody has a phone and everybody has the best taste in music – but what if everybody wants to hear their song at the same time? The answer is DJ Phone Home. It’s now your night to be DJ. With phone in your hand, it’s your finger on the turntable as you choose your own dance adventure for the rest of the party whilst everyone's requests battle it out on screen and on the floor.

DJ Phone Home will see dance-offs, genre battles and all manner of sweet party shenanigans to test your level of rad. BUT make sure your phone is charged and get ready to help guide the party in the world's ultimate dance floor democracy.



19-21 January 2017

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Seats available now from the link on this page.  ALL Beat the Queue seats are available now. Seats only available on the day if allocation not previously exhausted.

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