The World Buskers Festival is taking back the streets!

It’s a revolutionary return to the streets and we are all in for a comedy coup!

We are transforming the streets and iconic performance venues of Christchurch into The Comic Republic of Busk - a bright, silly, happy place where being a bit daft rules and our catch cry is ‘Viva La Cheeky!’


We are thrilled to go back to Christ’s College and their venues. Four shows a night will take place in the larger space known as the Buskers Club and three shows in the smaller space known as the Buskers Boutique Theatre. There will be circus, comedy, our insanely popular burlesque and for the first time, ventriloquism.

First up there’s 'Pants Down Circus: ROCK!' Loud, over the top and highly skilled; it’s a circus rock concert for the whole family. 'Nothing But Stand Up' returns with Urzila Carlson as MC along with her top choice of comics. MC’d by Miss Behave, our 'Buskers Burlesque' features our original boylesquer Jett Adore along with The English Gents who are back by popular demand. Chris Harder makes his New Zealand debut as do The Two Wrongies. This is our most provocative burlesque show ever.

'Ben Hurley’s Earth Planet World' will start the night out right in the Buskers Boutique Theatre followed by the indoor show debut of 'Daredevil Chicken is Naked Love'. The night rounds out in terrifying style with 'Seven Deadly(ish) Stunts' by local performers Dave Ladderman and Lizzie Tollemache.

We return to the Christchurch Art Gallery with the best from New Zealand Fringe. We are thrilled to present James Nokise and his two shows, 'Let’s Talk About the Gollywogs' and 'So So Gangsta,' fresh from Edinburgh Fringe. 'An Evening with Gary Starlight' is one of the most hilarious and skilled improv shows we could find and the winner of the Busk-A-Bility award from NZ Fringe 'Dorge'.

And finally, for the first time in New Zealand - we are beyond thrilled to present the NZ debut of 'Nina Conti: In Your Face.' We could rave about this show for pages and pages, however the review from The Mirror summed it up perfectly, “Simply put, Nina Conti is a genius.”

Get amongst it and join us in taking back the streets! See as much of the festival as you can and show these amazing performers just how awesome you are as audiences. 

We can’t wait to welcome you to the Comic Republic of Busk.