Heading into the 24th year, the World Buskers Festival is one of the most loved and well-respected events in the Christchurch summer calendar and a “must do” for Artists around the globe. The Festival is held over 10 days every January.

In 1993, after a rouge Busker gate crashed the Festival of Flowers, Jodi Wright and Vicki Buck got together and came up with a Festival for Buskers.
It was named with intent. It was named boldly. It was named the World Buskers Festival.

The first Festival had a few local performers and a couple of international performers. Over the next few years the Festival would grow and grow and grow. As the Festival grew and the public demanded more, shows such as stand-up comedy and styles such as Fringe began to make their way into the line up. In 2011, arguably one of the most popular shows of the Festival was created - Buskers Burlesque.

Just when the Festival was at it’s peak the devastating February 22nd Earthquake hit Christchurch. It was only weeks earlier that saw crowds in their thousands watching in locations that no longer existed. In 2012 the Festival was moved from the CBD of Christchurch to the hub of North Hagley Park. Temporary marquees, stages, bars, restaurants and activities were set up to create a city in the park known as Buskers Park. For the next four years, this is where the World Buskers Festival called home.

Original founder and Director Jodi Wright oversaw the Festival for an amazing 22 years. Her last curated Festival was in 2015.

2017 sees a return to the streets and some of Christchurch's most iconic venues.