Mighty Mike

New to the World Buskers Festival, Mighty Mike is stronger than most with a wit to match.

Mike Johns has been a performer since age 14, learning magic, juggling, balancing, and balloon art skills in Nova Scotia from some of the best performers in the business.

Mike spends his days researching and training how to become stronger, how to make impossible seeming feats look easy. Bowling balls, bricks, even a 10lb sledgehammer are all thrown around as if light as a feather.

Even more important than the feats of strength are the spontaneous moments with people that makes this show so fun for Mike. Anything can happen when you gather a large crowd together and Mike does his best to make sure he creates some funny interactions! From a sweet 90's dance routine to a few shocking moments, the show is sure to keep people laughing and on their toes.

One of the earliest feats of strength Mike learned serves as a metaphor for his philosophy on life. Driving a nail through a board with one's hand is a feat of strength that requires as much mental determination as it does physical strength, and the lesson he learned is that nothing is impossible, when you believe in yourself.

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