Miss Behave's Gameshow 4 KIDZ

Miss Behave is not a children’s entertainer, but in a world of mixed ability, she recognises that Kids are of a much higher ability than the adults, so we decided to see what happens when we present: Miss Behave's Gameshow: 4 KIDZ!

Miss Behave, award-winning star of La Soirée, is a professional [ censored ], glamorous sword [ censored ] and crowd [ censored ] with a twinkle. She is bringing her troublemaker Gameshow – with phones - to the Festival for a very special edition. Miss Behave’s Gameshow 4 KIDZ!  A riotous mix of gameshow, variety acts, disco, silliness and interactive competition where everyone’s a winner!
You’ll be divided into teams and pitted against each other based on [ censored ] Competing for [ censored ] points you’ll play inventive games that combine smart phones, pop culture and [ censored ] Miss Behave’s Gameshow unleashes your [ censored ]  drive resulting in a realisation that no-one is in charge and a highly interactive audience working as one.
Yes, this one is for the Kids! From experience, Miss B knows that kids are quicker and smarter than adults. Bring your parents…and beat them!
And yes, we had to edit the old show bio to take out the adult bits.




28 January


50 Minutes
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