Book your tickets to ‘Daredevil Chicken is Naked Love’ now, stuff your pockets with cash, then come to be entertained. Make sure you wear waterproof mascara ladies as you will laugh until tears are running down your cheeks. 

Marc and Svetlana Buttersworth’s love for each other and for entertaining is clear throughout the show, even when they pretend to be annoyed at each other. They dance, she sings and they have a talent for comedic timing. 

The audience is welcomed into the living room of this colourful couple. This is “immersion theatre” and we are immersed into their weird and wacky world of marriage. A lot is revealed including how this couple keeps the fires of marriage burning. There is action, there is magic and there are more costume and hair changes than a Lady Gaga concert. And, I should add that I have never seen such skill with a banana.

Early on Marc tells the audience to prepare to get to know each other “on a molecular level” and this is a good way of warning us of the full audience participation which is to come. The performers interact with such positivity that people happily join in and the vibe in the theatre is great. Never think you are safe from being part of this awesome show, even if you are sitting in the back row and be prepared to donate more than just your money.  Both performers pull out love from the audience and keep everyone laughing and cheering for more.

The props, the puppets and the pantomime-like humour make this a must see show. There were still a few seats left in the audience tonight and that is a travesty. This show warrants a sell out each and every night. So come on Christchurch and support an act which must surely be in the running for the title of People’s choice 2017



If you are a fan of Ben Hurley from 7 Days or if like me you loved his show last year then get your tickets for this show now. Hurley's material is all new and will have you laughing throughout.

This is not the usual stand up and take the p**s out of the audience. There is none of the material you have seen on TV. This is all new territory as in putting this gig together Hurley has set himself the challenge of including references about every country in the world.

Right from the start we learn that world geography is a passion for Ben and he knows his stuff. As the audience calls out countries he responds with humourous one liners, beware if you don't know your stuff as incorrect comments from the crowd are pounced on with sharp witty responses.

It’s not all quick one liners but it is all hilarious. As well as random facts about the world we live in we learn about Ben the family man, his heritage, travels, hobbies and his love of facebook stalking.

The show is fast paced and I appreciated the variety of ways countries are subtly weaved into the show. Ben has the audience laughing with his impressions which are on point and include a ‘generic foreign accent’. He also shares his softer funny side by showing his talents as an artist, poet and “musician” all of which produce big laughs and have us wanting more.

Ben Hurley is one of the New Zealand comedy elite and his talent should not be missed. It’s clear that Ben is proud of what he has put together here and so he should be. Because as sure as Kilimanjaro rises like olympus, so too has Ben risen to the challenge he set himself.  A must see!



Pants Down Circus: Rock's show literally ROCKED. If this was the only Buskers show I went to (not that it will be) I would be stoked. Is it worth a date night- HELL YES!!!

The four skilled performers give their all, providing laughs and entertainment from the minute you enter the theatre. The speakers belt out classic rock and the action is cleverly choreographed to it.  The performers combine humour, high energy and immense skill effortlessly. The show moves swiftly through a series of acts with each performer highlighting their unique skills whilst always rocking and keeping the audience highly engaged. At times I found myself worried for their safety but the unexpected humour, like the way they used a leaf blower, meant I relaxed and I haven't belly laughed this hard in a long time. 

The audience is taken on a journey, from loving the rock music to laughing and clapping along with the performers. Audience members eagerly join in the fun when invited and you can relax, no one was pulled up on.  I can promise that you will be on the edge of your seat watching in awe at the variety of circus skills. These skills go far beyond your tokenistic juggling.  You will see human skipping ropes, huge circus acts and high-risk stunts. And it's not just your typical strong man doing the hard work either. It is clear that these performers put their bodies on the line for our entertainment and they do so with a wink and a smile. 

If you've got a man in your life who loves rock. Book tickets now. The mum inside me says the music is loud. I loved the way the rock base pulsed through me, but bring earplugs if your wee one is noise sensitive.

This to me is a must see and an act that kids and adults alike will love, so book your tickets now. Sit back feel the base and enjoy the rockin’ circus. 



Wednesday 25th January