So So Gangsta

“Admittedly I’m a tough crowd and generally don’t like stand-up, but Nokise’s observations are sharp-eyed, razor tongued, and full of cheek that kept me laughing for a long time after the show”
Radio Adelaide

James Nokise’s Award Winning show on Youth Gangs and Politics returns to New Zealand from playing at the legendary Stand Comedy Club in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Combining a combination of Nokise’s own stories of being a useless member of the Bloods, with a look at New Zealand’s gang culture, So So Gangsta looks at the way we perceive each other in a hilarious and insightful way.

It’s received rave reviews and entertained audiences in Perth, Adelaide, London, New York, Edinburgh, and now finally Christchurch.

Playing in repertory with Let's Talk About the Gollywogs.



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19-28 January 2017


55 Minutes

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